Falling From the Ground is now available in paperback and e-book.

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falling from the ground bookcover

The ancient evil at Cape November doesn’t care that this is the last time Alison will get to be with her best friend before Olivia moves away. Alison’s mom described it as a family vacation of sun, sand and surf, but the old tourist town is not the paradise Mom and Dad remember from their teenage years. The town is practically deserted—except for the strangers in a white van who keep following them. The mansion they’re staying in might be haunted. A mysterious girl lives upstairs and there are rumors of a sea monster. When Mom and Dad join the long list of missing people, it’s up to Alison and Olivia, along with Alison’s big brother Michael, to solve the mystery of Cape November to save them and maybe the world.
Special Features: Action, suspense, humor, friendship, romance, and of course, terrifying monsters.