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The Singing Bow (a website exclusive)

Author’s Note:  I ended up taking this entire prologue out of the final version of Falling From the Ground, but you can still read it here and get a little way back backstory.  Enjoy! Falling From The Ground:  A Short

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Chapter 28: Stranger Danger (excerpt)

Along the road, the buildings didn’t look as damaged as everything on the boardwalk, although Olivia noticed that most of the houses still looked empty and forgotten. Other than the old man, Olivia only saw a few other houses that

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Chapter 27: Investigative Journalist (excerpt)

Looking around the lobby for a distraction, he decided to check for a soda behind the bar. Finding nothing, he decided he was better off. Caffeine and sugar would only amp him up more. He sat on a barstool. That

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