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Chapter 27: Investigative Journalist (excerpt)

Looking around the lobby for a distraction, he decided to check for a soda behind the bar. Finding nothing, he decided he was better off. Caffeine and sugar would only amp him up more. He sat on a barstool. That

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Chapter 17: Screams in the Dark (excerpt)

Michael’s voice came muffled through the thick old wood, “Are you guys all right?” “Yeah,” Alison called back. “Are you?” “Besides my head, I think I broke my shin against the stupid bed. Other than that, I’m fine. Let me

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Chapter 12: Strangers on the Road (excerpt)

At the first working traffic light, Mr. Nunios stopped. They were near a ragged cluster of two-story apartments with sagging balconies. “Look at this,” Mr. Nunios grumbled. “Some crooked real estate developer puts up a bunch of cheap apartments and

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Chapter 10: Cape November (excerpt)

The minivan turned off the main road and wound through streets lined with shaggy trees, weathered cottages and tangled gardens. Mr. Nunios shook his head. He sounded pretty disgusted, “I’m telling you, I haven’t seen one road sign since we

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Chapter 4: Gift Shop (excerpt)

An old woman watched them from her perch on a stool behind the front counter. She was round and flabby. Parts of her oozed over the side of the stool. Her face was red and rough. Above her scowl, her

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Chapter 3: Feeding the Pythons (excerpt)

At the table, Olivia swallowed her last bite of awesome cheeseburger. Mr. Nunios was right; the food was great. The old wood paneling made everything dark, but antique stained glass lamps, each one different, hung over the tables. In the

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The West Orange Public Schools Picked The Cover For Falling From the Ground!

With the OTHER election going on in 2016, you might have missed the voting at West Orange High School, Roosevelt Middle School and Liberty Middle School. The wonderful staff and students took time out of their busy schedules to help

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