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Rant: On Analog Clocks

A ninth-grader asked me how much time was left on the state biology exam.  Thinking the answer obvious and the question unnecessary, I pointed to the start / end times I had written prominently on the board and then to

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Rant: On Plato vs Aristotle

Plato believed that the body was a prison for the soul.  Plato thought that our souls are eternal and perfect, but are trapped inside temporary and imperfect meat suits.  Plato says, for example, that before we’re  born, our souls had a

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Rant: On Reading

We really do need to read more. Everybody.  You.  Me.  That person who’s sort of your friend, but is really annoying, but you can’t really tell them without hurting them and you don’t want to say anything because they’re really nice

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