Rant: On Reading

We really do need to read more.

Everybody.  You.  Me.  That person who’s sort of your friend, but is really annoying, but you can’t really tell them without hurting them and you don’t want to say anything because they’re really nice and they don’t even realize how annoying they are.

Reading reminds us that not everything pops us on a screen.

Reading allows us to wrestle mano a mano with a different mind (mindo a mindo) who probably knows the world differently than we do since that mind was shaped by different experiences.  

So reading gives us a new understanding to weigh against what we already know.  And what are we going to do about that?

We might even come to a new understanding about our annoying friend and find they are really not that annoying.  And if that doesn’t work, at least reading gives us something to do so that we don’t have to talk to them.

Carpe Noctem


Tonio Favetta is the author of Falling From the Ground, a Y/A SciFi adventure. He also teaches high school English.

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One comment on “Rant: On Reading
  1. So I guess you are describing me in the first paragraph?? Very funny.


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